Tri-Band Antenna V3B-100512

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  • Frequency Range: 100 MHz to 512 MHz
  • VSWR: 3.5:1 or better
  • Power Handling: 100 W Average
  • Wide Bandwidth
  • Performs with or without a Ground Plane
  • Rugged and Reliable Design
  • Base Mount for Replacement Flexibility
  • Multiple Inputs

Detailed Description

The V3B-100512 is a three-band vehicular whip antenna system designed to provide VHF and UHF communications for a range of military applications. It is designed for use with today's cutting edge, wide-band, frequency agile radios and can be used to replace a multiple antenna setup.

The V3B-100512 whip antenna comes in a one-piece system with integral matching networks. All housed within a fibreglass envelope. The whip has an integral base support spring which threads into an aluminum mounting flange attached to the vehicle using a standard vehicular mount.




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