High Data Rate Transmitter VGOES-HDR

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  • Frequency Range: 401.7 MHz to 402.1 MHz
  • Transmit Power 10 Watts @ 100bps and 300bps
  • Transmit Power 20 Watts @ 1200bps
  • ASCII Serial Interface
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Reliability with Self Diagnostics
  • GPS Time-Keeping
  • Windows or Linux Compatible
  • Ample Non-Volatile Internal Memory
  • NOAA/NESDIS Certified
  • Data Logging is a future option

Detailed Description

The Valcom model VGOES-HDR meets or exceeds the NOAA/NESDIS specifications for self-timed and random mode transmissions at rates of 100 bits per second (BPS), 300 BPS and 1200 BPS. All 200 North American and 33 International channels are supported. An integrated GPS receiver makes timekeeping both simple and precise.

Configuration using the standard serial interface is quick and easy. Use any standard terminal emulation package such as Hyperterminal. Providing the ultimate in convenience and versatility, the VGOES-HDR can even be configured using a PDA equipped with a serial port.

The VGOES-HDR is ideal for use in Valcom's VEDAS II Data Logger. It is also compatible as a direct replacement transmitter for use with major competitor's data loggers. An option enabling the VGOES-HDR to operate as a stand-alone data logger, with sensors connected to the SDI-12 port, is planned for future versions.

Valcom's Crossed Yagi antenna is designed specifically for use with this transmitter

Suggested Accessories

Crossed_Yagi Crossed Yagi Antenna
VEDASII Valcom Environmental Data Acquisition System II (VEDAS II)