Large Fibreglass Whip Accessories

Gin Poles

VGP-10 VGP-10 Gin Pole
VGP-13 VGP-13 Gin Pole
VGP-17 VGP-17 Gin Pole
VGP-17AM VGP-17AM Gin Pole

Hinge Plates

VHB-12 VHB-12 Hinge Plate
VHB-13 VHB-13 Hinge Plate
VHB-17 VHB-17 Hinge Plate
VHB-17AM VHB-17AM Hinge Plate

Steel Towers

VTGS-14BH VTGS-14BH Steel Tower
VTGS-20BH VTGS-20 Steel Tower
VTGS-20BH-AM VTGS-20BH-AM Steel Tower

Ground Screens

VGS-120120AM VGS-120120AM Broadcast Antenna Ground Screen
VGS-36100 VGS-36100 Ground Screen

Lightning Arrestors

VLA-100 VLA-100 Lightning Arrestor
VLA-200 VLA-200 Lightning Arrestor
VLA-300 VLA-300 Lightning Arrestor


VC-06-00142-1 7/8"-EIA Flange to N-type Adaptor
VC-08-00033-1 Type LC to 7/16-DIN Type Adaptor
VD-08-00175-1 7/8" - EIA Flange to 7/16-DIN Type Adaptor

Miscellaneous Accessories

VS30 VS30 Valcosphere

"Other bases, mounts, adaptors and accessories are available. Contact the factory for options."